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Get Checked Immediately Following Oral Trauma

Posted on 12/25/2017 by Office Manager
Oral Trauma Carol Klingensmith, DMD OR 79101-3349
Oral trauma can occur after a sports injury, hard fall, motor vehicle accident or severe blow to the jaw. Children are especially vulnerable because of their natural curiosity and their limited control of their motor skills.

As a result, they can crack and chip their teeth, knock it out or injure their gums.

Infection can set in with some cases and you need to look out for throbbing and consistent pain, swelling around the affected area, blood, and pus.

Have Your Mouth Checked By Licensed Dentists

Oral trauma may result to impacted tooth, which can be very painful. In most cases, this needs to be extracted and dental implants installed.

The teeth can also be knocked out or displaced forward, backward or sideways. We need to correct the problem immediately through retainers, splints, bridges, and braces.

For cracked and chipped teeth, you can opt for dental bonding, which is an easy enough and very affordable procedure. You can go home after regaining your beautiful smile in a matter of hours. If you think that an implant is very expensive, we can give you a crown or bridge for a broken tooth.

We can also replant the missing tooth if it has been dislodged cleanly enough. A root canal procedure may be necessary in order to treat the damaged roots before putting your tooth back again.

Make sure that you soak the tooth on a glass filled with milk. However, you can also put it inside a wet handkerchief or cloth. In case of a broken jawbone or damaged joint in your jaw, you may need to undergo surgery.

If you cracked or chipped your teeth as a result of an accident or fall, call us immediately for consultation and treatment. Children are at risk because they might grow up with crooked teeth, which can affect self-confidence and their smile.

If you have any questions or would like to schedule an appointment, please call us at (503) 822-0262 today.

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