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The Two Most Common Dental Cracks Most People Get

Posted on 11/17/2017 by Office Manager
Cracked Teeth Carol Klingensmith, DMD OR 79101-3349
With hectic lifestyles and playing a lot of sports these days, it is no wonder people end up going to the dentist for a cracked or broken tooth.

Cracked and broken teeth are the two most common dental injuries in today's world, especially among children who play a lot of sports. Here is more information on these two most common dental injuries.

Cracked Teeth

Does your child play sports? If so, you might find yourself taking him or her to the dentist quite often to get something done about their cracked or chipped tooth. If your child is into sports heavily, you may want to talk him or her into wearing a mouth guard to keep the injury to a minimum.

However, if you don't, they may end up with several of these symptoms of cracked teeth: pain when biting down, pain that comes and goes, pain from sensitive teeth when drinking or eating hot and cold things, and the loosening of the outside of the enamel shell of the tooth.

Broken Teeth

Another common problem among playing sports is that of a broken tooth or teeth. If this happens, you will need to get you or your children to the dentist right away so he or she can fix the problem. The dentist will most likely try to talk you or your child into wearing a mouthguard to prevent any broken teeth from happening in the future.

Whatever happens, know that you can always contact us for more information on these two most common mouth injuries that most often occur when playing sports.

We will do everything we can to ensure you are well educated on everything you need to know about cracked and broken teeth. Call us for your next appointment as well so we can treat any problems you may have and prevent any future problems from happening.

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